Nikos Savva


Nikos Savva

Nikos Savva previously held the position of tenured Lecturer at the School of Mathematics at Cardiff University. He also held the post of post-doctoral research associate at the Chemical Engineering Department of Imperial College London and held a visiting appointment at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. He holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a BSc in Applied Mathematics Engineering and Physics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a Fellowship from the UK's Higher Education Academy. His research interests lie at the interface between applied mathematics and theoretical engineering, with particular focus on multiscale flows pertaining to wetting hydrodynamics. Much of his work to date combines analytical and numerical approaches in order to elucidate the influence of substrate heterogeneities and other complexities on contact line dynamics, and how these may be used for controlling the actuation of droplets in applications.

Research interests

  • Complex flows: wetting phenomena;  investigation of free-surface flows supported on substrates influenced by  substrate morphology (chemical and topographical), vibrations or other effects, such as the presence of a turbulent gas; dynamics of curved, unsupported liquid  films; liquid jets.
  • Applied mathematical modelling: singular  perturbation methods and matched asymptotics; dynamical systems and bifurcation  analysis; stochastic processes; physical resolution of singularities in  mathematical models.
  • Numerical methods: accurate and efficient  numerical schemes for nonlinear PDEs via spectrally accurate methods; improved  numerical schemes for dynamic density functional theory; numerical  continuation.
  • Statistical mechanics of inhomogeneous fluids: analytical approaches to density functional theory; extensions to far-from-equilibrium dynamics; formalism.

Selected Publications

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