The following three MSc students have been supervised by the SimEA group:

  • Alexis Provatas (academic year 2020-2021): on the use of AI methods in wetting hydrodynamics.
  • Panagiotis Georgiou (academic year 2021-2022): on the use of operator splitting methods for partial differential equations.
  • Aiantas Iezekiel (academic year 2021-2022): on the fast marching algorithm for path planning applications.


Visiting MSc students

Malak Barakat (20 June – 19 November 2022)

Malak Barakat is a mechanical engineering student. She is enrolled in her final year at the Lebanese University, Faculty of Engineering, where she will be awarded her Bachelor of Engineering as well as her Master’s Degree in Materials, Process, and Technology of Composites. Currently, she is a visiting student at The Cyprus Institute, working on developing a multiscale mechanical model for the effective interphase of a graphene reinforced polymer nanocomposite as part of her Master's thesis.


Ali Shalhoub (7 February 2023 - 4 August 2023)

Ali Shalhoub  Ali Shalhoub is a mechanical engineer. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the Lebanese International University. Currently, he is enrolled for his Master of Science studies, working on his thesis project titled "Effect of Natural Fibers on Mechanical Properties of Concrete Blocks". As a visiting student at CyI, he works on "The Computational Modeling of Heterogeneous Mechanical Behavior of Polymer Nanocomposites".