An annual “sCYence Fair” is organised by the Cyprus Institute, which provides an opportunity for CyI researchers to communicate science to the public through a range of activities, thereby supporting the next generation of scientists from Cyprus.


sCYence Fair 2023

This year, our centre participated in the annual Scyence Fair as “Supercomputing heroes!”. The SimEA group had a variety of activities, including hands-on experiments, videos and simulations that explained a range of principles, including hydrophobic-hydrophylic interacations using droplets on surfaces, building organic molecules for drug discovery, and many more.

 Science fair 1  Science fair 2
 Science fair 3  Science fair 14


sCYence Fair 2022

This year, the SimEA group participated in the fair with the activity “Simulating the real world”, which aimed to convey the significance of simulations or “computer experiments” in solving real-world problems. The booth had posters and videos, as well as hands-on activities such as the opportunity to build molecules using chemistry model kits or conduct simple simulations of polymer materials. The lead scientist on the activity was PhD student Eirini Gkolfi. Other participants included Eleftherios Christofi, Kathy Christoforou, Panayiota Katsamba, Nikolaos Patsalides, and Ioannis Tannis.