Since the industrial revolution in 1760, there has been increasing demand for improved industrial procedures and the development of state-of-the-art products. With the introduction of engineering simulations for the design of any product and the optimization of industrial procedures, there has been need for more complex models to be developed and more advanced algorithms and codes to be designed. The SimEA project aims to satisfy this need, which also resonates with Cypriot society. As a new branch, it is envisaged that the SimEA project will propel CaSToRC to become a big player in Cyprus as well as the Eastern Mediterranean region where this demand for advanced computational engineering applications is growing by the day.

To this end, an ERA-chair has been selected to create a capable and efficient team to tackle modern engineering computational problems and create a sustainable program that will also develop better and more versatile scientists through their training in the MSc and PhD programs offered at The Cyprus Institute.