"ENGAGE" European Researcher's Night 2021 (Cyprus)

"Multiscale Modelling of materials using supercomputers" 



"The Night Deal" Researcher's Night 2020 (Cyprus)

 1. "Computational Science & Engineering: Transforming our lives"

Activity description: 

Join us on an exciting journey into the world of molecular simulations and the different size scales of observing the structure of the materials surrounding our lives. From building materials in the construction industry to building materials of life itself, the SimEA project research team in the coming years will be responsible for developing codes to unlock the mysteries surrounding the fundamental mechanisms of the structure for a wide range of materials leading to new applications in society, innovative enterprises and new discoveries in academia.

The video prepared by the SimEA team will be presented and can be found here:


2. "COVID-19: Online modeling and simulations of the pandemic"

Activity description: 

2020 was a year of major changes in the socio-economic landscape due to the pandemic and a new form of threat named COVID-19. In this presentation, we will analyze how one of our research teams, receiving national funding, and using specialized codes and models is able to visualize the spread of the pandemic in Cyprus. This effort will lead to finding more effective measures to tackle the pandemic with as few impacts as possible on the everyday life. We invite you to see this wonderful research trip.

A video prepared by members of the SimEA team and the COVID-Model Project (funded by the Research and Innovation Foundation in Cyprus will be presented and can be found here:

An online platform that was developed during the course of the COVID-Model project in co-development with the SimEA project team members will be also presented.