The SImEA project has set certain objectives on which its existence will be based upon:
  1. To attract an international caliber researcher that will lead CaSToRC in its pursuit to add the computational engineering component in its arsenal while creating a top tier research team.
  2. To expand the collaboration net of CaSToRC and pave the path for the creation of new networks thus expanding the outreach of CaSToRC to the international community.
  3. Better integrate CaSToRC in the Cypriot society by being a player in the execution of the Smart Specialization Strategy (S3Cy) and by enabling industry links to establish itself as a player in that sector of economy.
  4. Updating the curriculum of the accredited MSc and PhD programs as well as adding new courses to that curriculum whenever necessary and applicable. This will lead to the training of more capable and innovating scientists.
  5. Establish CaSToRC as a big player in the Meditteranean and international game for advanced computing and its applications.