Prof. Vangelis Harmandaris and Assist. Prof. Nikos Savva have introduced several new courses related to computational engineering into the MSc and PhD programmes:


  • PhD in Computational Science
    • COS 510: Computational Approaches for Complex Molecular Systems, given by Prof. Vangelis Harmandaris. The course teaches students fundamental techniques of molecular, primarily classical, simulations (Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics), which are used in order to understand and predict properties of microscopic systems in materials science, physics, biology, and chemistry. 
    • COS500: Frontiers & Methodologies in Computational Sciences, involving several instructors, organised by Prof. Vangelis Harmandaris. The course objective is to expose students to frontier research in High Performing Computing, Data Science Methodologies and Artificial Intelligence in a seminar-based structure.


  • MSc in Simulation and Data Science programmes
    • SDS 401: Mathematical Modelling and Algorithms, given by Assist. Prof. Nikos Savva. The objective is to introduce mathematical tools and algorithms used in computational sciences focusing on methods used in numerical simulation and data analysis. 
    • SDS 419: Modelling and Simulation for Scientific Applications, given by Prof. Vangelis Harmandaris. The objective is to teach students to use simulation algorithms and to analyze their results in order to study complex systems.