The Management and Innovation Office (MIO) will be established by the SimEA project to bring innovation and entrepreneurial components to CaSToRC - the National HPC Competence Centre.


The mission of the MIO is to forge links between academia, industry and government and leverage the centre’s expertise in High Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to ensure the sustainability of the centre.
The MIO will enhance the research management structure of the centre by optimizing the mobilization of resources and personnel to be engaged in the centre’s innovation programs.


The vision of MIO is to establish CaSToRC as a one-stop shop for local academic, industrial and government stakeholders to integrate HPC and data science approaches in their workflows.


The MIO will support the researchers of the centre at all stages of the project from grant proposal preparation to project implementation and knowledge management. The following items fall under the MIO's scope:

  • Identifying funding opportunities
  • Supporting the compilation of research proposals
  • Overseeing the administration/coordination of funded projects from the EU, RIF, etc. (financial reporting, deliverables, communication with funding organizations)
  • Participating in the planning and coordination of the Centre’s activities, such as seminars and workshops
  • Creating links with industry
  • Pursuing the entrepreneurial program of CaSToRC


Meet the team (Scientific Coordinator of EuroCC to be recruited):     

   kathy circle  andreas circle
Dr. Christos Christodoulou 

Innovation Scout SimEA

Dr. Kathy Christoforou

Scientific Coordinator SimEA

Dr. Andreas Gavrielides 

Scientific Coordinator STIMULATE